Sunday, January 23, 2005
At Notes From the Frontlines there is a brilliant post

Maybe, but these words on this page leaped right into the bottom of my stomach. Hip-hop? E-mails?? Monks spent their entire lives during the Middle Ages painstakingly copying the Bible letter for letter. Overseas there are underground churches today crying out for Bibles. Entires tribes and communities are scraping by with just one copy of the Bible. Men and women are dying translating, smuggling and distributing Bibles into other languages and nations. And here in America we're turning the power and majesty of Romans 8:38-39 into "IMHO, neither death or life or angles or demons or present or futurepowers or height or depth (or TiVo! LOL) will keep us from God's love. :)"

Dead on. I am so sick of American Evangelicals parroting Pop culture. Pop culture is not something worth imitating. Why do these unimaginative Pastors always have to appeal to the Lowest Common Denominator? Making Christians look like MTV-bots is not cool and will never be considered cool even by the MTV-bots themselves. If you want to inspire young people, make them read The Imitation of Christ by Kempis, not The Imitation of Britney Spears by Carson Daly. Jesus is not your homeboy, Jesus is your Lord.

You are not a hip young person who just happens to be Christian, you are a poseur, and people who aren't flakes can see right through you.

You mean it's bad to "Be down with G-O-D" ???
there's the friction, right? to bring the good news of Christ into everyday life naturally without selling it short or watering it down or otherwise rendering it impotent... in truth, without innoculating others against it by giving them a miniscule sample, packaged as style rather than lifestyle.
you know Maddie.. as fast as you type, you could take 5 minutes to let us know how you are. Even if I already do.
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